Eye Laser in Poggibonsi | The special promotion with Alcide

Benefits for Eye Laser Clients - Leccisotti Clinic

Experience visual enhancement with comfort and luxury at our establishment

“VISUAL WELLNESS PACKAGE” Offer reserved for patients of the Clinic of Prof. Antonio Leccisotti, Siena Eye Laser in Poggibonsi.

Dear patients of Dr. Leccisotti, we are pleased to inform you that our hotel is located 50 meters from the Leccisotti Clinic, just in front of it.

Exclusive Eye Laser Promotion in Poggibonsi

We are delighted to introduce our exceptional promotion in collaboration with Leccisotti Clinic for Eye Laser in Poggibonsi.

At our hotel, we believe in the importance of a stay that not only makes you feel at home but also contributes to your well-being.

With our special promotion, we offer Leccisotti Clinic’s clients numerous benefits to make your journey to improved vision as comfortable as possible.

Thanks to this partnership, you can enjoy a unique experience during your stay with us. Our highly specialized team is here to assist and ensure that your path to clearer vision is entirely seamless.

At Hotel Restaurant Alcide in Poggibonsi, your visual well-being is our priority.

You can enjoy an unforgettable stay while embarking on your journey to visual improvement.

We are here to assist you at every stage of your path to clearer vision. Contact us today to discover the exclusive details of this promotion and how we can make your experience with Eye Laser in Poggibonsi even more special.

Let Hotel Restaurant Alcide be your sanctuary as you invest in your visual health.

If you book our Hotel, you will be able to obtain the following benefits:

  • Half board package with 10% discount on bed & breakfast
  • 50% discount on the second night if the operation is cancelled
  • Early check-in at 13:00 on the base of hotel’s availability (instead of 15:00)
  • Late check-out at 13:00on the base of hotel’s availability (instead of 11:00)
  • Free room service
  • Dinner € 32.00 per person (2 dishes from our a la carte menu, water, wine, coffee included)

* Offerta clinica Leccisotti – Siena Eye Laser


* Foto della clinica Leccisotti a 50 metri dalla terrazza dell’Hotel

Make use of this special discount!

We offer 81 rooms with all the services and excellence for which we are known throughout Tuscany.

Our historic restaurant, founded in 1849, is still managed by the Ancillotti family. Its unique culinary tradition blends with the medical innovation of Leccisotti Clinic for Eye Laser in Poggibonsi.

Together, we have created a unique offering that combines the comfort and luxury of our hotel with top-tier medical expertise.

We remind you that you can only take advantage of our promotions by booking by phone or email, referring to the “Eye Laser” package.

* The discount cannot be combined with other hotel offers.